2017.01.19 We have developed new process “ELF process”

2017年01月23日 category : マーケット情報 

We have developed new process called “ELF process” that Electroless copper plating and Flash copper plating* are combined and operated in one process line.

*Copper plating for through hole (TH) and/or via hole (VH) on double sided and/or multilayer flexible printed circuit (FPC).

ELF Process Catalog(ENG)

This process can be applied to Multi-Flex Rigid Board or Multi-Rigid Board as well as Multilayer FPC.  Especially, it is effective for the fine-pitch and small TH/VH with thin layer product.

There have been several kinds of plating process for fine-pitch and small TH/VH products; however, they have some problems and have both advantages and disadvantages in each process.

On the contrary, “ELF process” is an innovative process that solves those problems, and we strongly recommend this process to apply for small TH and/or VH as conductive treatment.

If you are interested in our “ELF process”, please contact us by email at info@fpc-connect.com.

We would be pleased to provide you with more details upon request.


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